Fiona Varian Testimonials

Fiona has worked on both my horses over the years and her eye for detail always amazes me. I have learnt over the years whilst observing Fiona work that it is very easy to be lured into believing what you see is where the issue lies. In reality, the issue is more often than not a secondary problem, resulting from compensating patterns the horse has used to avoid discomfort/ pain elsewhere in their body. Fiona works with the horse, listening, observing and feeling where the horse has incorrect tone, muscle imbalance and discomfort. As an owner I can safely say Fiona will tell me what I need to do for the best of my horses and with her help and guidance, I have been able to help my horses to maintain the work she has carried out. Most recently, my 29 year old horse suffered a stifle injury and has greatly benefited from Fiona’s bodywork. The main stifle injury had caused him no end of compensatory issues throughout his body resulting from him trying to avoid the discomfort of his stifle was causing him. This had caused him to loose range of movement though his opposite hind leg and he had general body and gait stiffness whilst moving. After Fiona had work with him, identifying key areas that needed treatment, his overall fluidity as well as range of movement increased and he has been able to use his core muscles to help stabilise him during movement., something he was not able to do prior to his treatment with Fiona. Fiona has provided me work I need to do my horse to try and enable him to maintain his core strength, posture and correct movement. I am forever grateful to Fiona for her knowledge and guidance and I cannot recommend Fiona enough. 

Sam Newland, DAEP, Scientist

I have studied and utilised sport sciences for coaching high performance archers and gymnasts for over 20 years. In all of that time Fiona Varian remains the most valuable resource I have found. Fiona doesn’t just fix people, she revs them up and blows the roof off of their potential. She is quite literally a ‘game changer’. The results she gets are astounding and I dread the day she stops doing what she does. 

Dr Peter Tranckle Archery GB Senior Coach & British Gymnastics High Performance Coach  

It is difficult to convey just how much your amazing bodywork skills have helped my beloved Dartmoor. Don Giovanni is 24 has cushings, sweetitch and has a tumour in his mouth that restricts his eating despite this he is still very much interested in life. Your bodywork and Cranio Sacral treatments have given him jaw movement that I have never seen in him before he had the tumour let alone since. Before your visits his hay consumption drops and only minutes after he has full jaw movement either side, nothing short of a miracle. I have to thank you along with my homeopathic vet for giving him another 3 years of full life. In truth he has never looked better, his coat is shining and despite his tumour he is living life to the full even having trips out on dartmoor on the lead-rein enjoying galloping alongside his pal. Bless you, we are eternally grateful. 

Pippa Lang, Bowen Therapist , Mind & Body Coach  

Fiona has worked with my husband and I as well as our horses. We are older riders. My husband had a terrible fall several years ago and has never completely recovered. A badly damaged shoulder left him incredibly lop sided, partially collapsed through his torso and with very restricted movement around his shoulder and arm. After treatment with Fiona he was able to stand level and much taller, it has been incredible to witness. I have general issues too. Fiona treat various areas for me that where not quite right and the difference was amazing. My ridden relationship with my horse changed too and I could feel that my gelding benefited from my improved body, as did my husbands gelding. Fiona also worked with the horses too and they benefited from the equine version of our treatment. We value all she has done for us and our horses and would have no hesitation in highly recommending her for horses and humans. 

Caroline and John Edwards, Paso Fino Owners

From Forums:

I use Fiona Varian, who is absolutely Brilliant, but you need to have quite a bit of commitment to maintaining the hooves yourself between trims to use her (she comes from Birmingham). As you'll know from many of the ‘barefoot’ threads, taking the shoes off a working horse is a lot more than the trim, so you’ll need someone supportive who will advise on hoof care and diet as well.    


So as part of my ongoing quest to keep my horse sound, and on a friend's recommendation, I got Fiona Varian down to ours to see what she made of him. Fiona is the first person I've found that actually does both bodywork and trimming. Sounds simple really - why shouldn't someone link the two - but who else does?!?!? Fiona is KC trained and is really into getting the foot balance right, as well as seeing how that affects the rest of the body. I'm really chuffed with the work she did. Believe it or not, he is actually starting to show some floaty paces at times!!! 

 Oh - Fiona - superstar. We have been benefiting from her bodywork for years. She is fab. She keeps both me, Chris and the Neds sound. Mad as a brush and full on mind but not to be beaten. She is very dedicated to her work and getting a job done ( which can take a long time and be very mentally exhausting - it is for me) she works out as excellent value for money because of this dedication  

I'm seeing if there are enough people to get a very clever lady called Fiona Varian down for a day or two. She's a Hellerwork professional and also a a qualified DAEP with KC La Pierre . Fiona is a former international athlete and coach and over the years has combined her natural skills of understanding anatomy and biomechanics with formal qualification in structural and movement integration. Fiona is a Degreed Applied Equine Podiatrist (DAEP) and a horse owner with a passion for gaited horses. Fiona is well respected internationally in her field and combines structural integration and movement sessions on both horses and people with barefoot applied equine podiatry. One of my horses has "wierd" hooves and tends to be pretty unbalanced, I'm really impressed with the work Fiona has done so far. I need more people though if she's going to be able to carry on visiting. pm me if you would like more info.



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