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Fiona VARIAN   

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Multidisciplinary Movement Specialist working with both Humans & Horses: 

Restoring Freedom of Movement & Balance : Creating more Comfort & Understanding.

I have always been fascinated with balanced movement. Efficient movement is an expression of joy. I love to observe and understand what allows it to flow freely, what blocks it, what makes it asymmetrical, or stifles it.

  • What are the patterns and belief systems, that we continually repeat (physical, mental, emotional or energetic) that keep us in this place?
  • What boundaries may be infringed (physical, mental, emotional or energetic; pain and belief systems) that may cause the body or mind to restrict, guard and lock, in order to try and protect?
The puzzle is to hear what the body is trying to tell us and renegotiate those boundaries. 

What are the things that we can change, or be mindful of, to allow a different path? 

Balance and freedom come from exploring and addressing as many facets as we can: The body and mind cannot be separated. If we align the body we can also influence and free the mind.

When the body is under stress or misaligned in gravity, it responds to the demands placed on it by 'splinting' -shortening and thickening the connective tissue- to try and provide extra support. It can happen through any habitual usage -sport, posture or work. This thickening does not undo by itself and can 'lock' the body in an out-of-line position. It impairs joint mobility and function -it restricts range of movement, flexibility, fluidity, and compromises joint space: Compromises performance.

More often than not, the things that create problems for us are caused by mundane repeated movements or compensations during recovery from an injury, and rarely from the 'injury' itself. Hands-on, respectful, tissue and energy work, and guided awareness, can free these restrictions and realign the structure with respect to gravity. Techniques include:

  • Structural & Movement Integration
  • Equine Natural Movement 
  • Myofascial Integration 
  • CranioSacral Therapy
  • Taping and Proprioceptive Techniques
  • Gait Analysis & Biomechanics
  • Mind/Body Clearing Techniques
  • Applied Equine Podiatry   

This multidisciplinary approach using potent, yet subtle, tissue and energy techniques can restore optimum balance and movement. The body is able to move with greater ease and fluidity, less effort. Freedom. I revel in finding the correct and best movement for each and every individual. I love to see a body and mind 'coming home'. I aim to empower by bringing greater awareness of habitual patterns of movement, mind and body: to put control back in YOUR hands.

Clients include Olympic and International athletes in numerous disciplines, including unique and Paralympian individuals. I love to facilitate athletes to achieve their fullest potential: to find the most efficient, repeatable movement for their unique anatomy in their particular sport.

It is also my belief that what we often think of as 'old age' -Human or Equine- is often reversible habitual restrictions in connective tissues. I do not consider decline to be an inevitable consequence of age. I enjoy 'turning the clock back' and empowering people: Restoring freedom, balance and joy of movement.

I have a particular interest in Gaited horses and movement appropriate for each breed of horse; Rider/Saddle/Horse balance to facilitate best movement for both rider and horse; Spooky and Head-shy horses: Finding correct movement and technique for ANY individual's anatomy and situation.

It is my belief that there is always another level to reach for. When we think we have reached our peak, it usually because we have no knowledge, in our current memory bank, of what a place beyond this could be like. Breakthroughs often come from unthought-of alternative perspectives.

I am passionate about achieving the most joyous, balanced, enlightened, COMFORTABLE, Fluid Movement for each and every individual.



What makes my sessions unique??

I take time to consider the situation you are in. I take time to listen and observe. I am dedicated to helping you find a better, efficient and more comfortable way to be -whether you are an individual looking to resolve pain or an athlete looking for peak efficiency and technique. I work with many different professions, musicians, hobbies and a wide variety of sports at National and International level (Rowing, Running, Cycling, Triathlon, Archery, Equestrian, Gymnastics, Dance). 

I have a passion for helping each horse be the best he or she can for his specific situation, breed and anatomy. Creating understanding.

Sessions usually last 3 to 4 hours.

I want help you achieve a greater understanding of the factors that got you to this place and the things you can do to change things for the better. I want to empower you to become mindful of how you can be in control of what is happening.

No two sessions are the same , even for one individual. We work with, and on, whatever is needed for you in that moment.

I employ a multitude of modalities from Biomechanics and Gait/Movement analysis at one end of the spectrum, through to subtle mind /body release work at the other end. I mainly work with deeply potent energy and cranial techniques, but include all levels of fascial techniques: Restructuring, Restoring, Movement and Posture.

Provided that the original cause of the imbalance (no longer needed compensations, or a repeated unhelpful movement pattern) is no longer there, then changes endure. If work, hobby or habit continually try to put an imbalance back in, then there are four main options: 

  • A person could give up that work/hobby/habit (usually unlikely!)
  • They could learn to do that thing more efficiently, in a less damaging way 
  • They could include self work to override or correct what is happening
  • Or they could contract (with themselves) to receive regular work to keep stripping out the compensations and restoring them back to balance

(The obvious fifth option, is to change nothing and slowly watch things return to where they were when you first came to see me!)

Please do CONTACT ME to discuss your individual needs: Human or Equine.

  Fiona VARIAN 

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