Fiona Varian Equine CranioSacral Therapy

Compression of the cranium (head) affects the whole horse. It blocks flexing, turning & affects mental state. It can happen from bangs, a kick in the field, falls, pulling back from a tie-up, spooks on the lunge – a multitude of situations that we may not even be aware of, even if there is no apparent damage. Compression can lock shoulders & pelvis out of line by inches; it reduces both flexion & perception of incoming stimuli. It is also possible that balance can return from working only on the head. Below is a list of symptoms of compression that can be relieved & helped by CranioSacral Therapy: · 

  • Head shaker? Summer? Different at liberty to ridden?
  • Trapped Nerves.Pinched or stuck Temporo-Mandibular Joint? · 
  • Runny eyes, blocked tear ducts? · 
  • Hates having his ears or poll touched? Sensitivity? · 
  • Muscle on jaw or forehead is hard, pronounced or different left and right? Chews one sided?
  • Panics if he is tied up and he can feel pressure on Poll? · 
  • Can’t stand still in his own skin? Easily Startled? · 
  • Spooks unpredictably at ‘what should be’ familiar things? ·
  • HAS to turn his whole body to go & look when hears something (can’t pick it up from peripheral vision) especially in stable. · 
  • Uses his nostrils a lot when checking out something new
  • Twitches with his mouth, lips and nostrils when standing?
  • Constantly needs to put things in his mouth – particularly sucking lead ropes into the back of his mouth to chew? · 
  • Keeps trying to rub his head on you? Headache?? · 
  • Stands with his head pressed against or near to the wall?
  • Is different to ‘catch’ with a headcollar left & right? · 
  • Behaves differently when you approach or touch his head/face from left or right, from behind or in front? · 
  • Has more difficulty turning on one side? 
  • Turns neck like a beam in one block, rather than through Poll.   
  • Uneven Shoulders?....Surprisingly shoulders can easily be locked in place by the cranium, I have seen a 2"-3" difference resolve.
  • Uneven Pelvis? with shoulders, I have seen a 3" pelvic difference in an Ardennes Horse level out from only working the head ONLY 
  • Sticks tongue out when ridden? Sets against your hand? · 
  • Whites of his eyes show and eyes flick while turning/lunging?



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